Sweet Potato Black Bean Burger | Healthy Summer Recipes

Hearty and flavourful, these veggie burgers are made from black beans, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, and Hemp Hearts to make the perfect patties for your summer grill.


  1. For everyone saying its totally okay to eat eggs (which is a fine opinion to have)…please sit down for a few hours and watch the documentary Earthlings, Forks over Knives and lastly Cowspiracy – then get back to me! Try and be open minded to Veganism just this once, there is a reason why we rant a rave all the time – we are trying to help you.

  2. hey honey, question! do you think you could put macros on your recipes? im not giving you a hard time, hust a suggestion, i think it would help!

  3. Looking at the sleu of hate comments because an egg and mayo was used. It's no wonder some meat eaters hate vegans. But thanks for not engaging. ENjoy your channel a lot.

  4. These look great! I'd never think to add hemp hearts. I love veggie burgers but try to avoid too many of the soy based ones, bean/mushroom are my fave!

  5. Finally a burger recipe yayyyyy!!!!?? Can you please work on the audio?I love your videos and understand you want to change up the background but the audio is kinda bad compared to your other videos.

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