Mushroom and Swiss Burger Recipe


  1. What a great recipe, thank you for sharing James! When you bite in the burger, the stringy cheese wouldnt let go and when the cheese / onion / mushroom mixture came to the same moment out on the bottom…. that was the money shot; i got a little wet down in my pants.
    I am seriously thinking of getting me also such a grill platform since it seems very useful.

  2. great looking burger, that swiss cheese melting looks awesome!! will give it a go, also do u find the lower fat ratio on your burgers tend to make them more dry? or are they still juicy.. anyways keep truckn mate

  3. I love the thick cut mushrooms! I made a similar burger with jack cheese, mushrooms, fresh green chilies, and onion. Next time I am going to slice the mushrooms thicker like yours, and use butter, that looked wonderful! Thanks James for the video!

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