How To Meal Prep for Beginners | EASY RECIPE PLAN | ANN LE

Hi Guys! Today we are going to learn how to meal prep. This is perfect and easy even for beginners! Meal prep is a great way to help you control the way you eat and is often used best with a fitness program to help you lose weight or tone up. It’s also perfect to do once a week to make your meals for work or school. When I don’t meal prep, I often find that it’s easy to end up eating something unhealthy or a portion size that is bigger then I should be eating. I hope these easy recipes and once a week cooking style helps save you time and calories!

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  1. Did you cut up something else with the sweet potatoes? I couldn't tell, but it looked like sweet potatoes and something else. Thank you!!

  2. I take a few hours every Sunday to make a meal plan, grocery shop, and do my food prep.  While it may feel like a lot of cooking at one time, I am so thankful to have a fridge full of prepped food when I come home from work!!!

  3. I need to try meal prepping. Never done it before so I wasn't sure how or where to start. Thanks for sharing! Btw, your son is so adorable. He reminds me of my brother when he was a little boy?

  4. My meal prep step 1. Call Pizza Hut Step 2. Order my food step 3. Wait for my order Step.4 Reflex on all my bad life choices step 5. Go to the door and play for my order step.6 Pig out next day repeat lol xD jk great video

  5. ive been needing a video like this thank you so much!!! this is the year i will refuse to eat cafeteria meals

  6. Vincent is so adorable! Is Vincent also a vegetarian? I also liked veggies as a kid, but my siblings hated them. 🙂 It's great that he enjoys having a pita pocket on Mondays haha! Might try this! Great idea.

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