How to Make Cream Cheese – Gemma’s Bold Baking Basics Ep 11

How to Make Cream Cheese – Gemma’s Bold Baking Basics Ep 11
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Hi Bold Bakers! I love using cream cheese in my recipes and one of your most-requested Bold Baking Basic is How to Make Cream Cheese. So this week, learn how to make Homemade Cream Cheese with just a few ingredients and you can make my Big & Bold Cheesecakes & more! So let’s get baking!

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  1. Made this, but I didn't have a cheesecloth so I used a bandanna. Turned out amazing! Tastes almost identical to store bought cream cheese!

  2. Hey Gemma! I doubled this recipe in order to get 16oz, but only ended up with 12.5oz. Should I add another 3.5 oz of the left over liquid into the cream cheese to get 16 oz? Also my cream cheese look rather dry. Thank you so much! (:

  3. Does anyone know if she tried to make any homemade natural food coloring before? I know she has one for homemade extracts but not sure about coloring.

  4. I followed this recipe down to a T. Didn't work for me. At best, I had a few small bits on the edge, those that usually form when you overheat milk or cream. :/

  5. Hi Mrs. Gemma Stafford thank you for this video, now I realize how easy it is. I have a question;"can you make it also with full fat yoghurt as well or it's not possible?! .????(just wondering)

  6. I actually prefer to make my own cream cheese because I can control what's in it. Thank you for sharing this recipe. It's so much easier than the recipe I've learned. <3

  7. I am about to make these to make a cheesecake but I don't have a cheese cloth what can I use plz respond I need to know

  8. Gemma, great recipe. However, as I read from another source, it is crucial that cream cheese needs to contain cream. Do you think the cream cheese would be creamier if you use half milk and half cream?

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  10. Hey! Thank you for bringing classic recipes! In my country we don't have sour cream, is there any substitution for that? Lovely channel by the way

  11. This is a great way to save money and better to have a better homemade cheese! But, I have a question I don't have this cloth in my supermarket is there a way to separate the curd by using a different kind of cloth?

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