Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Parmesan Recipe (or Chicken Cacciatore, maybe? :)

I know I’m so, so, late in getting out a new video friends! We had a slammed week of unexpected family events. Now I’m out of town for a few days on blogging business. I still wanted to get you a quick video for an easy slow cooker recipe! Here’s easy slow cooker chicken parmesan. I call it “Chicken Parmesan,” others call it “Chicken Cacciatore.” 🙂 It can be a Trim Healthy Mama recipe if you eat it over Zero Noodles! Serve it to the fam anyway you’d like. I’ll talk to you more and get caught up (deep breaths!) once I’m back in town! Find trip updates over on Instagram in the meantime https://www.instagram.com/jamerrillstewart/

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  1. Oooh looks great! This has inspired me to try it and a freezer dump crockpot meal. I'm testing new recipes to save for when our #3 arrives. I think I'll add olives, our 3 year old loves olives lol

  2. I made this today also!!! I used your recipe and my family loved it!!!!!!! I made it for lunch/supper so we can eat on it today and tomorrow. Thank you for this recipe!!

  3. So at some point, you must shred your chicken, or does it just fall apart on its own? That looks good, and way easier (and healthier) than the breaded version!

  4. My family and I just got back from a two week stay at our church camp. It's awfully remote and there isn't much access to wifi – in fact, some areas have zero cell service. As I'm unpacking and settling us into home, I just had to turn your channel on to catch up on all you and your family have been up to these past couple of weeks. Always so thankful for a slow cooker recipe that is THM friendly! ?

  5. Thank you for sharing this video. It looks delicious. I also leave the crock pot on when I leave the house. Most people do I think. 🙂 I definitely can't wait to make this. 

  6. I'm happy to see a video up from you! I missed your positivity 🙂 Glad to learn you are at such a wonderful location. Enjoy your time away!

  7. Yum ? slow cooker meals are my go to! with seven kids I don't always have time to stand over the stove. I can't wait to give this one a try with my family! thank you for sharing ?

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