Cookie Monster Candy Bark – Easy kids chocolate dessert recipe

Cookie monster candy bark recipe for kids reminds me of the iPhone siri ad because i hate waiting for cookies to cook. With this cookie recipe they are already made but made to look fantastic, an easy children’s party idea.

White Chocolate
Royal blue food colouring – oil based
Candy eyes
Cookies of your choice


  1. I have been watching your vids for about two years just for entertainment, i have only used two recipes one was your m&m oreo and kitkat chocolate cake and your original blueberry smoothie. Love your vids, keep it up!

  2. Watching this while I'm wearing my Cookie Monster PJ pants. Lol I'm 20 and Cookie Monster was and is my favorite character from Sesame Street. My mother has always called me Cookie Monster because cookies are my absolute favorite and I can guarantee that I will be making this as a late night snack.

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