5 Easy Self-Care Tips | Tyler Oakley

5 Easy Self-Care Tips | Tyler Oakley
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If you’re reading THIS, comment below with your favorite way to take care of yourself – that’s how I’ll know you read this far… ;] Huge thanks to everyone who made this video possible – y’all for always encouraging me to drink more water & take more vacations, Audible for sponsoring this video (all opinions are my own, obviously!), and everyone who always reblogs my videos when they come out! :]


  1. This is weird but I love Tyler's neck. Especially in this video just love the neck. And everything else but something about the neck looks so good. I am very weird

  2. I love Tyler Oakley! He is so positive and always puts me in a good mood. I am thankful that Tyler Oakley is out there to make people laugh and feel good about themselves. I ALSO love how he just is confident and gives great tips??

  3. this short and sweet little video made me smile and tear up a little because in my group of friends I am notorious for beating myself up and taking care of them and not myself, because in my head I believe that self-care/self-preservation is selfish so I try not to do it and it worries my friends alot lol. But I will most definitely try these self-care tips so that maybe I can feel better about myself and my friends will stop worrying.

    Thank you Tyler :D

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