11 Tips To Sleep Better For More Muscle Growth! GET BIGGER WHILE YOU SLEEP!


  1. Hi Scott! Obviously it's better to get a good night's sleep all the time. But would you recommend working out even if you didn't get a good night's sleep the night before? Or should you just take that day off?

  2. 12. Don't listen to heavy metal music before bed.
    13. Don't start an argument with your girlfriend or wife before bed. It really is a no win situation regardless of how right you may be.
    14. Don't have kids. No such thing as a full night of sleep for the next four or five years at minimum.
    15. Don't watch Bill O'Reilly…. Ever!

    In other words, don't do anything that is going to get you mentally or physically pumped up a few hours before bed.
    And don't dwell on stupid shit you have no control over anyway, like the political circus that is currently in town.

  3. Hey Scott,is it normal that despite eating really a lot (even if im not hungry anymore) before going to sleep,i wake up in the middle of the night bc starving? this happens to me ESPECIALLY when i do high intensity workouts but i usually do them in the afternoon (i usually end towards 5/6 pm) and so i feel like i have to stop doing them not to affect my sleep you know,the problem is that i dont want to stop lol but i cant find a solution.

  4. during sleep, i have nightmares, and in my nightmares, I am always being chased, therefore I am always running, so my heart, lungs, and muscles are getting a workout (my wife is my witness. I also sleep talk), so when I wake up, I lost weight and gained muscle. So when I wake up from a nightmare, I go to sleep again because I feel very tired, and if i'm lucky, I get another workout

  5. Why am I watching this? I'm the king of sleeping. I can ignore all the rules (apart fom keeping your room cold, I can't sleep in warm countries) and sleep all the time.

  6. sleep full nude…not kidding. Specially in summers when its comfortable to do so. It is more natural state of man (primitive) and the quality of sleep is unbeatable. Try it once, you'll love it. No tops, no boxers.

  7. that white noise thing is real. I literally can't sleep without a fan on, and not for it to cool me down, but for the noise it produces

  8. Hey Scott the video was really helpful… Just need your help. I work in night shifts.My working hours are 9 P.M. to 6 A.M. I am on a bulk phase right now. So what is the best time to workout?? In the morning after I finish my shift or in the evening?? Right now I workout in the evening at 4 P.M. Being a hargainer it has always been difficult for me to gain weight and my stomach feels bloated after eating my meals every 3 hours in the night so should I use probiotic drinks to make my gut strong ??

  9. I have heard that Carbohydrates late at night is bad since it the energy that comes from consuming them becomes stored into fat since we don't end up expending that energy is this true?

  10. Excellent info! It takes patience to get a sleep routine, but the white noise has definitely helped my over-active thinking. Also, writing down my day gets the stress out, along with deep, calm stretching to end my workouts. Gets in the yoga and meditation. ????

  11. And as always, this was also good, no! Great stuff! Man! Every video doesn't only informs us but also inspires! I donno how would I thank you!:)

  12. oatmeal before bed? I thought oatmeal gives energy in the morning , why would I want that before sleeping?
    cashew and cherries sounds good though

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